The PNBA is administered by an executive committee which holds elections for office annually. The officers of the Association comprise a Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary and Treasurer who are elected biennially.

Election is by direct ballot of the whole membership, which is open to practising and non-practising members of the Bar who have an interest in the subject matter. There are no categories of student or pupil membership, however pupillage supervisors are expected and welcome to bring their pupils to PNBA events.

In addition to its continuing education activities the PNBA is represented on the General Council of the Bar and is an active consultee in the process of law reform and procedural changes. It carries the view of its members to the Bar Council, Lord Chancellor’s Department, Law Commission, and a variety of governmental and non-governmental organisations.

It publishes the Professional Negligence Law Review, a newsletter produced by Sweet & Maxwell, and Tables for the Calculation of Damages, an annual edition.

The great strength of the Association is that throughout the 1990s its members were at the cutting edge of major developments in the law as professional indemnity cases were used to develop wider legal concepts of rights and obligations in tort and in equity. At meetings the Association has the benefit of having members present who can provide a first hand account of such developments and are willing to share such details.