Adjudication Scheme

The PNBA has introduced an Adjudication Scheme based upon the Adjudication Scheme Pilot. This is to allow for disputes to be determined by an appointed adjudicator, who may be nominated by the Chairman of the PNBA or selected by the parties. It follows the changes to the Professional Negligence Pre-Action Protocol which in May 2018 introduced a requirement on the parties to consider whether their dispute was suitable for determination by adjudication.

The documents below comprise the Scheme Rules together with Guidance Notes, and key documentation for the administration of the Scheme, including a current list of adjudicators and the Panel Rules applicable to those individuals forming the PNBA’s panel of adjudicators.

In all cases, it is the responsibility of the adjudicator to ensure that he or she is sufficiently expert and independent to adjudicate in the matter in question and the PNBA assumes no responsibility of any kind in any such respect