“Virtually over the line: online mediation” seminar for members


July 29, 2020    
5:30 pm - 7:00 pm

“Virtually over the line: online mediation”.

Michel Kallipetis QC and Victoria Woodbridge will be presenting this seminar on Wednesday 29th July from 5.30pm to 7pm using the Bluejeans platform. They will be speaking about the trials of mediating online and in particular their experiences during the COVID19 pandemic as mediator and mediated.

Michel Kallipetis QC of Quadrant Chambers (and PNBA Treasurer) will share the combined experiences of the ten Independent Mediators from four months on-line mediation. Michel will list a few tips to help all taking part in virtual mediation and give you the results of a survey carried out among all those with whom they have mediated on-line.

Victoria Woodbridge of Crown Office Chambers (and PNBA Secretary) will share her thoughts on-line mediation in clinical negligence claims from a practitioner’s perspective and tease out some themes that have emerged from her ‘lockdown’ experience with some (she hopes) helpful pointers for those being mediated in this field.

PNBA members can register to join this online seminar by emailing here.