Dealing with Expert Evidence: A Two-Part Masterclass for the Junior Bar

This two part masterclass has been postponed. Members will be informed of the new dates as soon as these are confirmed.

This is an invaluable opportunity to get some practical tips from senior practitioners and experts themselves.

Session 1: Setting your course

Do you need an expert? When can/should you plead a case without expert evidence?

How do you know which expert you need?

The CCMC: how do you persuade the court? When is the court likely to resist granting permission?

Can you really never have expert evidence in solicitors’ negligence cases?

When is the right time for a single joint expert?

Instructing the expert – tactical and ethical questions around framing the instructions

How involved can you get with the draft report?

Part 35 questions –  to ask or not to ask?

Answered by Sian Mirchandani QC and Nick Baxter (Financial Services Expert)


Session 2: Steering the ship home

Part 35 questions and agendas – how can your expert help?

Managing multiple experts

Pre-trial cons with experts – what should you be focusing on?

How can your experts help each other?

Cross-examination – how can you prepare your expert?

Cross-examination – how can you destroy the other side’s expert?

Answered by Catherine Ewins and Dr Nelly Ninis, Consultant Paediatrician

Members should email to book a place at each event.